Freedom begins with organization

Home Organization

An organized space helps you relax, focus, and get things done.


Organizing your life frees up time and energy for the things that matter.

Work/Life Balance

Being organized allows you to make space for self-care and adventure.

Hi, I'm Alex

Certified Organizational Specialist™, Artist & Sociologist

Here’s how I can help you:

Step-by-step guidance to show you how to declutter, sort, label, and create functional storage solutions for your home or office.

Teach you the key strategies to help you stay organized long-term—both in your home and your life.

Design a personalized organizing and accountability plan that helps you stay on track.

Help you refine your habits and create a consistent routine that supports your goals.

Help you overcome procrastination and self-doubt.

Provide you with strategies to improve your work-life balance.

I offer one-on-one coaching both online (worldwide via phone and video chat) and in person (if you live in Silicon Valley, California).

How long will it take and how much does it cost? Each person and home is unique. Therefore the duration is different for each client and depends on the size and scope of the job and how quickly you make decisions. After a free initial assessment, we will discuss a timeline and cost estimate that suits your needs.

I typically charge $110* per one-hour session.

Let’s create a life you love.

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How to Get Organized
"Alex has been my accountability partner for the past 8 months. Since then I've been able to get organized and understand what really matters in life—how to love myself for who I am and be the best version of myself. This isn't an easy road, but Alex has given me the support and motivation I needed."
Marisa K.
Account Manager & Sales Consultant | Tarragona, Spain

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