Testimonials + Endorsements

“She really helped me open my eyes to a lot of different ideas and ways that I could be more productive. I highly recommend her to anyone who is really looking to work on that whole balance and be the most productive you you can be. She was a blessing to me and I can’t thank her enough.”

Jen Rivas

Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist | Diamond Bar, California

“Working with Alex — was an extraordinary opportunity. She gave me a detailed plan to help me work through my resistance and to get organized. What would have taken months — only took a few days and has significantly changed my life and has allowed me to live a more minimalist lifestyle.”​

Leah Hall

Social Media Brand Specialist | United States

I sought out Alex’s expertise because I needed a confidence boost and self-organization tips as I had just opened my own business. The excitement of trying new things also carries a fear of failure, so I felt I needed to get my life in order before I could even start to get my business in order. Alex is helping me set goals and get into a productive daily routine that keeps me organized. Her integrated approach really resonates with me. This change in mindset helps me on a personal and professional level, because it’s freeing up time and energy to share with my family and focus on what I enjoy doing the most. She also helped me with my website. Totally worth it.”

Candela N.

Immigration Lawyer | Bay Area, California

“Alex has been my accountability partner for the past 9 months. Since then I’ve been able to get organized and understand what really matters in life—how to love myself for who I am and be the best version of myself. This isn’t an easy road, but Alex has given me the support and motivation I needed. Plus, she’s a great copyeditor and proofreader, and always first on my list whenever I have text that needs polishing.”

Marisa K.

Account Manager & Sales Consultant | Tarragona, Spain

I’ve had a great connection with her right from the start. She really listens to what you have to say and she’s honest and easy to talk to. She explains concepts clearly and with enthusiasm, is super organized, and has a gift for helping you uncover the answers within yourself. It’s a pleasure to know her.”

Sammy Day

Poet + Former Director of IT @ CTC | Bay Area, California

“Oh Alex is awesome. Saved my life.”


Designer, Co-Founder of Alex + Colleen | Bay Area, California

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